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Did not get part of my order after waiting over 6 weeks. I had the CC charged reversed since I will obviously not receive the items I paid for and Choxie deactivated my account. Their response was that if a customer has charges reversed, their account is deactivated. No big loss I would never order from them again anyways. You never get your entire order on time as well. The previous times I have ordered from them, my items have come in 3... Read more

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I wish someone would tell me how a company can daily send out emails of items for sale with coupons and such and you NEVER GET WHAT YOU ORDER? They apparently do not have the items. THIS IS A SCAM. I have contacted them several times for my order but still have not gotten it. How can you sell something you do not have? They will credit you then turn around and send you an email trying to sell it to you again. I have been waiting over a... Read more

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Ive gone through this with so many other orders from them, i end up cancelling, they do refund me but in the form of credit so i end up being bound to them, I'm still waiting over a month for the latest order so i can be DONE with them. ill be shocked if i ever get it. and i agree they always send the same copy and paste responses. I'm so annoyed at them. i used to like them when i actually received orders at the beginning. just emailed them and... Read more

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First order on 8/8/16 in the amount of $35.00 Second order on 8/10/16 for $41.00 It is now 9/15/16, and I have emailed them THREE times in regards to not receiving my items. I get the typical response that some things are sent from 3rd parties & they have no control over the shipping time. What BS!!! I ordered sheets, motion sensor lights & two watches. I don't think all of these items would be coming from the same vendor. I will NEVER, EVER,... Read more

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I will never order from this company again! I ordered two items on June 14, 2016. Never received anything. Their phone tells you to hang on and then switches over to an old no more rack announcement that hangs you up. It has been nearly 3 months since I ordered and I finally received a response that they would refund my credit card. It hasn't happened yet. Read more

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I have ordered the same item twice, and each time I get no response, no email, no tracking or anything. I placed this order about (7) weeks ago, and I have not heard anything about my order. I am really pissed off about this present situation with Choxi. They took my money, now ship me what the "***" I paid for.

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I have a few orders going back to June that have items that haven't shipped. They now have absolutely no customer service. They don't reply to email or messages sent by Facebook. Their toll-free number hangs up on you even through you call during the "normal business hours" stated on the site. But they have time to deleted all negative post to their Facebook page as fast as you post them. Looking the BBB site this seems to be standard... Read more

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I placed an order for 5 items on 8/7/16 and the money was deducted from my bank account the following day. It's been over one month and I've yet to receive a single item I paid for. I've sent four emails and didn't receive a response to any of them. I called during business hours (9-6 EST) and was greeted with a recording saying they were closed and to try back the next business day. To compound the issue, if you cancel the order you can't get... Read more

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My orders have not been delivered as far back as April 2016 and this is September 2016. They do not seem to follow up on timely deliveries when an order is place. Very poor customer service. If deliveries can not be followed up by Choxi why offer the product. I have made inquiries in the past with no results in solving the delivery of product. Not sure they should be an online business if they have no quality control. Are there others out there... Read more

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I am a full time college student, and i am rarely home. So when i check my voice messages I have angry consumers calling Choxi for their items, and money back. What they have listed as a secondary number is my home phone number. Please do not call me. Choxi needs to change this number period. It is really upsetting having people yell at me because choxi is not giving them their item and/Or Money. Choxi that number is a "PRIVATE RESIDENCE" At... Read more

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